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Get straightforward answers about asphalt and metal roofing for your home.

If you have been looking for a roofing company in the Triad area that will give you the complete picture regarding both asphalt and metal roofing, you have come to the right place! Here at Carolina Home Specialists, we handle the replacement of whichever of these you desire, and we are happy to discuss the advantages and drawbacks of each. We believe an informed customer is our best customer because complete satisfaction can only be reached when you know exactly what to expect, and we deliver it.


  • Asphalt Roofing- If you have ever wondered why prices can be all over the place when you get quotes for a shingle roof, the answer generally lies in the materials used. The only way to properly compare the quotes you get is to have full knowledge of what supplies the roofing company will be using. You want to compare apples to apples rather than apples to oranges when considering which quote to go with, although you should also consider the experience and trustworthiness of the installer, as well. You will have the best possible results when you call the number one roofing company in the area – US! We proudly install GAF roofing systems as they are the leader in the industry, covering more homes in North America than anyone else. There are many styles and colors to choose from. As a certified GAF installer, a lifetime limited warranty applies to complete roofing systems we install. Ask us about added features, such as Stain Guard Plus algae protection.

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  • Metal Roofing- We utilize products from two of the best metal roofing manufacturers – Triad Corrugated Metal and Rain Line Products. Our installers have received extensive training with both of these products and have experience working with all types of home roofing shapes and sizes. Metal roofing is gaining in popularity due to its long lifespan (30 to 50 years!) and its exceptional contribution to an energy-efficient home. You might already know that metal roofing insulates to keep your home warmer in the winter, but the finishes on today’s materials are equally as useful to keep your home cooler in the summer.

If you would like to know more about asphalt and/or metal roofing, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to schedule a consultation to provide you with a comparison of these products and a detailed quote for replacing your home’s roof.

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