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3 Tips for Repairing a Leaky Roof

Leaving roof leaks unaddressed can be a nightmare. Over time, water can seep into your home, causing damage to your walls and ceiling and compromising the structural integrity of your house. 

Even though some leaks require expert roof repair, there are some you can handle on your own in just a matter of minutes. In fact, there are lots of ways to identify leaks and patch a roof that doesn’t require expert skill. 

How to Find Roof Leaks

The first thing to do is identify the location of your leak. Sometimes, this is easier said than done. Though you may notice telltale signs of a roof leak, like pools of water in your home or water damage on your walls and ceiling, it may be difficult to find the source of the problem. 

To locate a leak in your roof, start by standing next to any water stains and looking up. Next, you should note if there are any roof penetrations. 

Items penetrating your roof are often the cause of a leak, so if you can see any, that’s probably the source of your issue. You should also look for curling, cracked, or missing shingles, as these can also be the source of your leak. 

If you have an attic, that makes things even easier. Crawl up into your attic with a flashlight and look for evidence of a leak. You’ll often see black marks, mold, or water stains, which can direct you to the source of your problem.

Three Ways to Repair Your Leaky Roof

Once you’ve located your leak, you can get to fixing it. You may opt to patch a roof, or you may need to replace damaged shingles. Here are three ways to seal up your leaks, depending on what kind of damage your roof has:

1. Resecure Curled Shingles

If you notice curled shingles on your roof, this is likely the cause of your leak. A professional can easily resecure them by applying a coat of asphalt roofing cement or using an equivalent compound in a caulk gun.

When taking this approach, a contractor will need to apply a generous coat of roofing cement to the underside of your shingle, making sure the edges and corners are secured. Then, they’ll press down firmly to complete the seal.

2. Replace Missing or Damaged Shingles

If you notice cracked, rotten, or damaged shingles on your home, these may be the cause of your leak. You’ll need to replace these shingles to restore the integrity of your roof. Luckily, this isn’t an impossible task. 

To remove a broken shingle, a contractor will lift the edges of the surrounding shingles first. Then, they’ll remove all the nails using a pry bar. Once all of the nails are removed, your damaged shingle should slide out easily. 

Next, the contractor must remove or level all of the nails and scrape away the leftover cement. Before they place the new shingle, they’ll round its edges with a utility knife so it will slide in more easily. 

Once the new shingle is in position, the contractor will lift the corners of all of the overlapping shingles and then fasten the replacement, making sure to secure each corner. They will often use 6d galvanized roofing nails to do this.

Finally, they’ll cover all of the protruding nail heads with roofing cement and then smooth down all of the edges of your shingles.

3. Fix Metal Flashing 

One of the easiest ways to patch a roof is to reseal metal joints using a caulk gun filled with roofing cement. 

If you have leaks caused by poor metal flashing, a contractor can seal them with a line of roofing cement.

Any time that you need to repair an entire row of shingles or notice you need to make frequent repairs to your roof, you should call a professional roofing company. They will inspect your roof to find the source of the issues, make professional roof repairs, or advise you of the need for a roof replacement if the damage is severe. 

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3 Tips for Repairing a Leaky Roof

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