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Flat Roofing

Flat Roofing in Greensboro, North Carolina

Flat roofing isn’t an option for every homeowner. Most American homes feature roofs with a steep pitch, making them ideal candidates for asphalt shingles or slate. However, if your home is very old or very modern, you may find yourself in need of a flat roof replacement, and it’s important that you find a roofing contractor that understands this option. At Carolina Home Specialists, our team is trained and experienced in the installation and repair of flat roofing systems.

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The Benefits Of A Flat Roof

At Carolina Home Specialists, we specialize in the installation and repair of the following flat roofing systems:

  • Built-up roofing (BUR)
  • Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM)
  • Modified bitumen systems (MBS)

If you’re considering roofing systems for new construction, or just curious about what your flat roof has to offer, consider these benefits:

Energy Efficiency

Depending on the material and color, flat roofing can help you save on your energy bill. Ask the Carolina Home Specialists team about roof coatings designed to reflect the sun’s heat.

Easier Inspections & Maintenance

Flat roofs are fairly simple in their design, allowing a knowledgeable roofing contractor to inspect and assess their condition quickly and efficiently.

Added Space

If you live in a city or a dense urban environment, a flat roof can be valuable for its usable space. Some homeowners build decks or gardens on their flat roofs; others use the area for HVAC units or solar panels. Carolina Home Specialists can ensure your flat roof is sturdy and durable enough for whatever use you have in mind.

In The Market For A Flat Roof Replacement?

Trust the pros at Carolina Home Specialists with your flat roofing project. Call us today. We’re your Durham, NC & Greensboro, NC roofing & home service professionals. We look forward to our opportunity to help you, and earn your business!

Winston-Greensboro-High Point(336) 740-9915
Durham-Raleigh-Chapel Hill(919) 899-2585

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Winston-Greensboro-High Point(336) 740-9915
Durham-Raleigh-Chapel Hill(919) 899-2585
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