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5 Things a Homeowners Insurance Will Likely Not Cover

A homeowners insurance is a good thing to have if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation. However, some homeowners make the mistake of neglecting to read the entirety of their policy. This is a mistake you must avoid making at all costs as you may not learn until it’s too late that there are some things that your policy will not cover. With that in mind, it’s best that you know what these things are so you’re adequately prepared for the future.

5 Things A Homeowners Insurance Will Likely Not Cover

Here, expert roofer Carolina Home Specialists lists five things your homeowners insurance will most likely not cover, starting with:

  1. Mold – Preventing mold growth in your home has always been the homeowner’s responsibility and as such, an insurance company often reserves the right to refuse covering the remediation and removal costs. With that in mind, if you want to prevent mold growth in your home, prevent it from forming in the first place by allowing spills and floods to properly dry and checking your home for leaks.
  2. Dog-Related Injuries – Dogs are part of your family but they can sometimes be a liability as well. In fact, should you sustain any dog-related injuries, your insurance provider may refuse to cover the costs of your healing depending on the breed of the dog that injured you. Thankfully, by properly training and socializing your dog, you can easily avoid these kinds of injuries.
  3. Acts of God – Acts of God that can cause you to require foundation repairs or a roof replacement such as earthquakes and floods are rarely covered by homeowners\’ insurance policies. As such, you’ll need to purchase a separate insurance policy for these kinds of damage. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to prevent the damage caused by these events other than reinforcing your home’s overall structure as much as possible.
  4. Termites – Again, preventing termite infestation is the homeowner’s responsibility and therefore, an insurance company is less likely to cover the costs to remove them from your home. This means, it’s up to you to prevent termite infestations and the damage they can bring to your home.
  5. Sewer Backups – Surprisingly enough, a backed-up sewer isn’t covered by your homeowners insurance policy. This means that you’ll need to purchase a separate policy elsewhere for $40 to $50 per month. To prevent sewer backups, have your home’s sewer system regularly inspected to remove any possible blockages.

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5 Things a Homeowners Insurance Will Likely Not Cover

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