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All You Need to Know About Roof Decking

Roof decking serves an important function of your home. It acts as the base of laying the roof underlayment and other roofing materials, so it’s not normally visible. Because of this, any damage from it can be hard to tell. As a top metal roof company for local homeowners, we know how important roof decking is for any home. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Roof Decking?

Roof decking lies within the roof of your home. Your roof is a structure made of trusses and joists that holds and supports its weight. The roof decking is a layer of a flat-surfaced material that is attached on top of the trusses and joints. While this kind of sheathing adds another layer of protection, it’s actually needed more as a surface for weatherproof materials to install on, such as shingles and roof underlayment.

What It Does for Your Home

Roof decking is used as an important support for other roofing materials. For instance, if you had your roofing contractor install asphalt shingles on the roof of your home, they will make sure that the material used for roof decking is sturdy to hold the weight. Asphalt shingles are actually heavier than other types, weighing about 2.5 lbs. per shingle. Adding up all this weight along with the other layers such as the roof underlayment, the roof decking serves as a support to distribute the weight properly. The decking itself is also an added layer of weather protection and can keep stray debris from falling into your home.

Several Types

Roof decking comes in a variety of options, depending on your preference and what’s best for your home. OSB sheathing, which is made from small trees, is very moisture resistant and is one of the most common types of decking. Plywood, made from more mature trees, is also a popular choice. If you’re installing cedar shingles on your roof, step sheathing is what you need to install. Plank sheathing is more common in old homes built prior to the ’70s. If your home is designed to not have a ceiling, install a tongue and groove type of decking to visually emphasize your ceiling joists and rafters.

A Professional Roofer Can Help

Sometimes, it’s better to have a professional inspect your home’s roof to determine exactly how it’s holding up. For instance, if you’re planning to install a metal roof on your home but you’re not sure how much the metal roof estimate will cost or whether your current roof decking can support a new roof, consider hiring Carolina Home Specialists. Our roofers can inspect your roof to check and determine what you need to spend on your project. In fact, we also help determine the right type of roof decking and underlayment needed for your project.

When you’re looking for a reputable contractor that offers top-notch services, then no need to look any further. Hire us in Carolina Home Specialists and will do an excellent job according to your needs and preferences. Give us a call today at (336) 740-9915 to learn more about our metal roofing options, or contact us via our online form.

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All You Need to Know About Roof Decking

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