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Do You Need Deck Building Permits?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get as roofers are whether or not a deck building project requires a permit. The short answer? In the state of Carolina, yes, it is mandatory since it involves structural changes in your home. Read on to learn more about the permit’s details and requirements.

Outdoor Deck Permits

Outdoor decks are considered an extension of your home since there are structural changes made. However, deck building permits vary per state, county, or even per city. Decks that are built more than 30-inches above the adjacent grade would certainly require a building permit. Any decks below 30-inches are exempted as long as they do not exceed 200 square feet in area, are not attached to the house, and are not serving a required exit door.

Why Do I Need Permits?

Extensive projects such as a roof replacement or deck building require permits to meet the safety standards set by local and international building codes. Imagine the quality of structures if there were no building codes to keep them in check. You’d have a house that is unsafe to live in. There’d be unstable support and no fire exits, and you’ll be uncertain if it could even bear the elements. In the case of outdoor decks, you’d have unsafe areas, unstable structural support, and overall lackluster workmanship. Worse of all, if someone gets hurt because of the project, you could be facing legal repercussions. If your deck was built without a permit, you will have to take it down and rebuild it again with the proper process and permits at your own expense. Building permits are present to ensure that your home and all of its inhabitants are safe and sound.

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Do You Need Deck Building Permits?

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