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Features that Make New Windows Energy-Efficient

You’ve probably heard about getting new replacement windows to improve your home’s efficiency, but why exactly do new windows have that effect? What features are found in new windows that make them more energy-efficient compared to older windows? As the leading window and metal roof company in the area, we’re here to give you a rundown on these features.

The Frame

New windows use fiberglass or composite material for their frames. These two options boast better thermal efficiency than aluminum or stainless steel frames without the moisture-related problems that plague wood frames. As a result, these frame options provide a good balance between maintenance requirements and energy efficiency.

Low-E Technology

New replacement windows have the option to have low-E glass. These glass panes are designed to deflect a significant amount of heat and UV rays passing through them. As a result, the house runs cooler and HVACs need less power to control indoor temperatures. These panes work well in warm weathers if combined with a cool roof installed by a roofing contractor.

Multi-pane Glass

It’s common for today’s replacement windows to come with multi-pane glass. Featuring two or more glass panes, the space between the individual panes creates an extra barrier to slow down heat transfer. Some multi-pane windows also contain argon or xenon gas fills to further improve the window’s insulative properties.

Significant Results

Window and metal roof estimate experts say that today’s energy-efficient windows can save you over $400 a year, but they also help you save by lowering the risk of UV damage on the furniture by up to 70%. In many cases, some of the features that improve energy efficiency also have the side benefit of reducing exterior noise levels.

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Features that Make New Windows Energy-Efficient

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