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French Drains: A Quick Guide for Homeowners

Gutters and drains go hand-in-hand when it comes to directing rainwater away from your home to prevent moisture damage. You’ll be surprised, however, to find out that they are actually different types of drains you can take advantage of. If you’re already looking for a metal roof company to help with your roof replacement project, it’s the perfect time to learn about French drains as well. 

What Are They?

You might have actually seen French drains before without realizing it. They do sound fancy, after all. However, French drains are simply gravel-lined ditches embedded with pipes that carry water away from the home. Think of it this way: Where gutters manage rainwater on the roof level, French drains do the same task on the ground. 

How They Work

Installed by an expert gutter and roofing contractor, French drains provide channels through which rainwater that has reached the ground can flow through. Pipes used as channels will then empty into ditches, dry wells or even streets some distance away from the home. This system is designed to ensure that rainwater not only drains from your roof but that it is directed away from your home. 

Who They Are Ideal For

Anyone can benefit from French drains but they are best for those with problems with surface water like soggy lawns or driveways that wash out, as well as those with basement ponding or those interested in building retaining walls on hillsides. 

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French Drains: A Quick Guide for Homeowners

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