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Gutter Installation: Our 7 Best Practices

Before carrying out any roof repair or gutter installation job, you should always vet your contractor and see if they are right for the job. Be sure to double-check their credentials and licenses so you can be sure that you’re working with a capable and legitimate contractor.

In today’s post, our contractors from Carolina Home Specialists list some of the best practices we follow during a gutter installation job:

1. Using a Material List- Before starting, we make sure to break down all the tools and materials we are going to use for the job. This not only ensures that we are carrying our load properly but we also minimize waste by eliminating things we do not need. In the end, this helps us streamline our job to make it more quick and efficient.

2. Join Sections on the Ground- We assemble our gutter sections on the ground. This makes the adjustments easier as well as safer. Connecting sections up in the air could be a potential hazard as they may fall on the ground.

3. Removing the Downspout Outlet – To make our work look neater, we cut out the downspout outlet for a cleaner finish.

4. We Apply Sealants Properly – We apply the right amount of sealant inside the gutters and make sure that they’re dry. We wipe off any moisture and condensation as not to compromise the gutters and eliminate the need for emergency roof services.

5. We Use Downspout Crimpers to Make Installation Easy- Installing crimpers makes downspout installation a breeze. Our quality crimpers make a precise crimp every single time.

6. We Use Screws to Install Downspouts- We use screws instead of standard rivets to make gutter cleaning a lot easier since it makes it easier to access. Also, we pre-paint it to match the gutter so that it blends well with the system.

7. We Sanitize the Area After Every Job- We make sure to clean up after ourselves once we finish a job. We leave our customers’ house clean and sanitized without any leftovers, leaving you with a newly-installed gutter system that is ready to perform.

For a FREE roof estimate, call on Carolina Home Specialists. We are a fully insured and certified roofing contractor with the mission to provide our customers with reliable products, installation, and customer service. Call us at (336) 740-9915 or fill out our contact form for a free quote!

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Gutter Installation: Our 7 Best Practices

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