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Helpful Tips on Setting a Budget for Your New Siding

Getting new siding for your home will require a considerable amount of resources so it’s important to make sure that you set your budget properly. With proper budgeting, you not only avoid running short of funds, but also avoid overspending on the project. Here are a few helpful tips from our team of siding and roof estimate experts.

Consult a Local Contractor

There’s a good chance that you don’t have an idea of how much your siding options will cost. Fortunately, you can always get help from someone who knows the stuff: a certified local contractor. Your contractor will be happy to help you figure out how much you can spend on the project without compromising the quality of materials.

Set Your Upper Limit

Once you know your options, it’s time to set an upper limit for your expected budget. According to our roof repair experts, you don’t want a project to run short just because you don’t have enough funds for that top-of-the-line siding panel, especially if there’s a more affordable option with comparable performance. Remember: if the project is affecting your regular spending, it’s probably worth putting off for later, when you have the cash to spare.

Add a Buffer

It’s common for a siding project to encounter an unexpected issue while work is going on. In most cases, these unexpected issues will require repairs or adjustments that will cost you extra. Setting a buffer of about 15-20% of your initial budget should be enough to cover most of these unforeseen expenses to keep your project running.

Know Your Financing Options

Depending on why you need new siding, you may have several financing options to help ease the burden of paying for it. For example, if you’re getting new siding to replace storm-damaged panels, you might be covered by an insurance policy that covers siding and emergency roof services. Also, depending on your local building regulations, you may also qualify for incentives for picking certain siding materials, which is always a plus.

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Helpful Tips on Setting a Budget for Your New Siding

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