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How to Prevent Vinyl Siding Behind a BBQ Grill From Melting

For modern homes, installing vinyl siding is a popular choice. While the material is visually pleasing, it still remains vulnerable to sun exposure, stains and heat damage. This is why during summertime BBQ grilling and outdoor cookout activities, it is entirely possible for a gas or charcoal grill to melt your vinyl siding. A BBQ grill may also pose a serious fire hazard. To help you heat-proof the exterior of your house, a professional roofer from North Carolina shares helpful tips.

Utilize a Drywall Sheet

A 4-by-8 panel of fireproof-rated drywall is the most common technique to shield an outer portion of a residential building. Visit a local lumberyard and purchase a sheet. Then proceed to securely lean it against the side of your house. This will serve as a barrier between an area of your vinyl siding and the gas grill. Remember to keep the bottom part of the drywall sheet at least two feet away from the wall to prevent it from tipping over.

When not in use, make sure that your drywall sheet is stored in a dry location so water or moisture will not be able to compromise its wood composition, according to a roof replacement contractor. Although the typical drywall is stained or coated to be waterproof, taking extra care of your items should only bring you good things.

Apply Ceramic Tiles

As an addition to the bare surface of your 4-by-8 panel of drywall, consider applying ceramic tiles. You only need to use floor tiling glue for the application. Slather the glue on one side of the wood panel and then carefully place ceramic tiles to cover the entire area. Unlike plywood, the ceramic material can absorb heat without resulting in damage.

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How to Prevent Vinyl Siding Behind a BBQ Grill From Melting

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