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Is It Necessary to Match All the Windows of Your House?

Picking the right windows and positioning them properly can help make your home beautiful inside and out. This also makes your home more inviting, making it appear fresh and vibrant. One of the questions that most homeowners ask their window and roofing contractor is whether all of their windows should match or not.

In today’s post, Carolina Home Specialists discusses the answer to this question.

Should All My Windows Match?

The front of the house should exude a friendly or inviting atmosphere to visitors and give a glimpse as to what the inhabitants are like. This would mean going for a traditional, symmetric look on your windows. This is particularly true for neighborhoods or subdivisions where there are prescribed or mandated styles that you should follow.

However, it’s understandable for a homeowner to think that some parts of their home should observe uniformity. But this doesn’t mean you should limit your windows to one design across the house.

The key point is to make sure that your windows are located properly and that all styles complement each other. For example, you can install a bigger window, provided it has its own space and is installed with the right trim and muntins. This allows you to enjoy a wider view without sacrificing your home’s design.

Additional Tips

Ask a window and metal roof company for further tips and they’ll tell you that what normally works on the outside doesn’t always translate well on the inside. You must factor in the style, design, and material that will help your home be in its best condition. For instance, having east and west-facing windows would let in too much daylight, making it difficult to watch TV or work due to the glare and extra heat it causes.

You should also consider the treatments applied to all windows. Make sure that your new window additions have the same treatments, grills, and trims to keep everything coherent.

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Is It Necessary to Match All the Windows of Your House?

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