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Local Roofing Contractor vs. General Contractor: Which Is Better?

Your home is everything — it’s your family’s headquarters and safe space. When your roof becomes damaged, your home is left vulnerable to the elements. Water can leak in, heat can leak out, and wood can start to rot away. 

A damaged roof is a big problem that needs careful attention to detail to resolve properly. When you notice roof damage, it’s normal to run to your computer and frantically search for “roofers near me,” only to find a series of confusing results.

When you’re looking for roof replacement or roof repair services, you might be confronted with a difficult question: Do you go with a general contractor or a local roofer? 

The short and quick answer? Always go local. This is because of the quality of service and reliability a local roofer offers over a general contractor. 

Honesty and Straightforward Interactions

A local roofing contractor thrives on honest, straightforward experiences. With a local contractor, you are much more likely to get upfront pricing, reliable and accurate quotes, and no-obligation appointments. 

Because a local roofing contractor is familiar with the climate and how it can affect your roofing materials, they can offer meaningful insight that can guide you through a repair or replacement.

Never settle for a contractor that will twist your arm or try to sell you on services that you don’t really need. Go with a local roofer for your roof replacement or roof leak repair needs, and get an accurate picture of what needs to be done.

Insider Knowledge that Can’t Be Beat

A general contractor is more likely to be located out of town. They might be unfamiliar with the area and base their assessments on general knowledge that can be applied more or less anywhere. 

When you choose a local roofer, you have the advantage of working with a contractor that knows what it’s like to live in your area. 

Would a general contractor know the likelihood of hail in your town in the spring? Do they take into account average wind speed in your area and how that might affect your new roof replacement? 

These are things your local roofer already knows — and knows well. You can bet they’ll use this knowledge to provide only the best options for your home.

Their Office Is Right Down the Street

When you need a roof replacement, communication is crucial. When you select a general contractor for a project, their office could be far away, making it difficult to stay in touch. 

With a local roofing contractor, their office is right in town. If you ever need anything, all you need to do is drive for a few minutes and step inside. 

Dedication to High-Quality Service

Finding a good general contractor can be a massive task in and of itself. Everyone has heard (or experienced) horror stories involving a bad contractor. 

While there are many reputable services out there, there are some contractors that just don’t commit to the work. 

Skating by with substandard work simply is not feasible for a local roofing contractor for a few simple reasons. Local roofing contractors tend to care about the community they’re a part of and depend on the immediate area for work. 

While a general contractor can look for work in other areas, a local roofing contractor will constantly strive to leave good, lasting impressions.

The result is a singular dedication to quality and customer service. A local roofing contractor will constantly work with you to make sure their work is meeting and exceeding your expectations. 

If you’re ever dissatisfied, a good local contractor will not stop until you’re happy with the end product.  

You’re Supporting Your Community

When you support a local roofing contractor, that money stays inside your area. It circulates around and contributes to other parts of the community. As a whole, your entire area benefits from your project. 

The Best Roofers in Durham and Greensboro

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Local Roofing Contractor vs. General Contractor: Which Is Better?

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