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Patio Vs. Deck: Fundamental Differences

The terms “patio” and “deck” are often used interchangeably, but are actually two different things. In this blog, roof repair and deck contractor Carolina Home Specialists shares a close look at the differences between these two outdoor installations.

Patio Vs. Deck

A patio is an outdoor space that’s installed directly on the ground. It’s usually built with a concrete base, though materials like stone, pavers, or brick can also be used. A typical ground-level patio would be usually level with the adjacent indoor space, and won’t have rails. Being made of hardy material, one can choose to have features such as an outdoor kitchen, barbecue grills, or a fire pit. Patios typically require less maintenance compared to decks.

On the other hand, decks can be made of wood, vinyl, or composite, and features concrete footing with heavy support posts. Decks are typically built above ground, which gives them more flexibility in terms of elevation. They can be built with multiple tiers and can connect to different parts of the house. Elevated decks can be enclosed with railing for safety.

Which One Should You Choose?

Before you call for a deck and roof estimate, consider the following factors when choosing between a patio and a deck:

  1. Slope — If your property happens to be sited on level ground, either deck or patio will be suitable. However, if your home is built on sloping ground, such as on a hillside, a deck would be perfectly suitable.
  2. Cost — A deck generally costs less to build, because of the materials, as well as the required labor to build it. Quality build and materials are important for elevated decks to reduce safety risks.
  3. Life Span — Patios typically last up to 25 years, while wood decks last up to 8. Other deck materials, such as composite, can last longer.
  4. Maintenance Requirements — Patios generally require much less maintenance compared to decks. The latter typically requires regular reapplication of protective stains or paint to prevent damage caused by moisture. Patios are also less vulnerable to the effects of extreme weather changes.

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Patio Vs. Deck: Fundamental Differences

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