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Is Your Roof in Disrepair? 10 of the Top Signs

Your roof doesn’t have to be caving in or have a whole tree branch protruding from the center to be in disrepair. Some of the signs of a roof that’s in trouble can be a lot more subtle. You might have to look a little closer or do a little investigation to find out what condition your roof is in. Watching out for signs that your roof is in disrepair can help you get the repairs you need, sooner. At Carolina Home Specialists, we’ve put together the top 10 Signs That Your Roof Is in Disrepair.

Sign #1: You’re Finding Roof Granules in Your Gutters

If you have asphalt shingles, you’ll know a lot about the condition of your roof by how many granules have collected in your gutters or on the ground around your roof. As shingles age or if they become damaged by hail or other weather events, the tiny sand-like granules can start to separate from the shingles. This leaves your shingles more susceptible to wear and tear. Take a look inside your gutters to see if there is anything that looks like piles of dark sand. You may need a roof repair or a whole replacement. 

Sign #2: You Have Missing Shingles

When installed, your roof shingles are all put together like a puzzle, but in a way that keeps water from sneaking into the cracks. When even one of those puzzle pieces is missing, you’ll have a weak spot on your roof where leaks are more likely to happen. You’ll notice that you have a missing shingle or two because you’ll see a spot that is darker or doesn’t match the rest of your roof. One or two missing shingles can easily be repaired. But if the whole roof is in bad condition, you’ll need a roof replacement.

Sign #3: You See Staining on Your Roof

Staining can happen when mold, moss, or algae grow on your roof. This problem can be common in Greensboro, Durham, and other humid areas. A problem with mold or algae doesn’t always mean that you need a roof replacement or major repairs. If the problem is small, you might be able to have it resolved by having a Greensboro roofer come out and clean your roof. 

Sometimes, however, if the mold or algae is left for too long on the roof, it can start to cause moisture problems. All of these growths on the roof can retain moisture. When moisture stays near the roof, it can start to rot away shingles and even the roof deck underneath. You’ll want to find out how severe the problem is. 

Sign #4: Your Gutters Are In Bad Shape

Knowing the condition of your gutters can give you a hint as to what is going on with your roof. If your gutters are bent, rusted, damaged, and clogged, there’s a good chance your roof might be, too. For one thing, gutters are supposed to protect your roof, but they can’t do their job when they’re damaged. If the gutters have been in bad shape for a while, it might mean that your roof is starting to have some problems, too. For another, the lifespan of most gutters is similar to that of an asphalt roof. If they are breaking down, your roof might be, too.

Sign #5: Your Shingles Are Bent or Buckling

If a roof hasn’t been properly installed, it may start to buckle. This is when shingles start to fold upward instead of laying flat. You may be able to repair the section that is buckling if the damage isn’t too extensive. Or you may have to replace the roof. A dependable roofing company can help you decide on the severity of the problem.

Sign #6: You Can See Daylight From Inside Your Attic

When you go inside your attic and look up on a sunny day, you shouldn’t be able to see blue sky and fluffy clouds through the ceiling. If daylight can peak through the roof, you can be sure that water can, too. You’ll want to have the holes patched up or the roof replaced as soon as you notice this problem.

Sign #7: Your Roof Is Leaking

If your roof is leaking water, it’s failing in its main job: to keep you dry. One or multiple leaks are always a sign that your roof is in disrepair and either needs to be repaired or replaced. A roof replacement is usually reserved for roofs that are damaged or leaking in more than one area. 

Sign #8: You’ve Missed Having Your Roof Inspected

If you want to avoid expensive roof repairs and help your roof to last longer, one of the best ways to do this is to schedule regular roof inspections. If it’s been years since your last inspection, there is a good chance that there are problems on your roof that you’re not aware of. There may be wear and tear that could be fixed, missing shingles that could be replaced, or flashing that needs to be switched out for something new.

Sign #9: Other Roofs in the Neighborhood Are Being Replaced

In many neighborhoods, the homes were all built at the same time. This means that the roofs are all the same age and have gone through similar conditions. If this is the case in your neighborhood, and all of the neighbors around you are starting to replace your roof, take this as a sign that it will be your turn soon. 

Sign #10: Your Home Is Uncomfortable and Your Energy Bills Are High

A good roof will not only keep the rain off, but it will also keep the inside of your home more comfortable without your HVAC system working twice as hard. If you start to notice that your heater or AC is struggling to keep the temperature regulated both during the summer and winter, or if your heater or air conditioner is overtaxed, it may be that your roof is no longer in good condition.

My Roof Is In Disrepair! What Now? 

If any of these 10 signs sound like the roof that you have, you may be wondering what your next steps are. For many people, a good next step is to have the roof inspected. This is an affordable way for a dependable roofing company to tell you what condition your roof is in. During roof maintenance, a Greensboro roofer will check everything from your shingles to your flashing to look for signs that your roof is in disrepair.

While a roofer is inspecting your roof, they’ll write down everything that they find so you can have a good overview of your roof’s condition. You may need to have a few things repaired or cleaned to keep your roof in good condition. If there are too many problems, your roofer will let you know that a replacement is recommended. You should get plenty of good advice and lots of options to help you out with this big decision. 

Working With a Quality Greensboro Roofer

If you decide that you need a roof inspection, repairs, or a replacement because of the condition of your roof, then you’ll need a good roofer to depend on. Make sure to choose a company that has good standing in the community and is known for quality and honest services. At Carolina Home Services, we are proud to be able to offer trusted roofing services in Greensboro, Durham, and the surrounding areas. For more information about our services, call or message us today for a free quote.

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Is Your Roof in Disrepair? 10 of the Top Signs

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