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The DO’s and DON’Ts of Vinyl Siding Maintenance

Vinyl is one of the most popular siding materials on the market today — and for a number of reasons. First, vinyl siding is known to have a long service life. It is also incredibly versatile, can withstand harsh weather elements and requires minimal maintenance to look brand-new. However, there are still some tips you can use to ensure that your siding lasts as long as it should. In this post, an emergency roof services company shares some of the do’s and don’ts of vinyl siding maintenance.

DO Clean It Regularly

For vinyl siding, an annual cleaning to remove accumulated dirt and debris goes a long way. Spring is an ideal season to perform this on your exterior cladding since all of the storms have already likely passed.

DO Use the Proper Cleaning Solution

A mixture of laundry soap and warm water is enough to get optimal results. When washing, roof repair experts suggest aiming the hose nozzle downward to avoid water damage and mold growth.

DON’T Allow Dirt to Linger

If you see dirt, algae, and grime collecting on your siding or in between the panels, don’t wait for a long period of time to address it. Though siding is expected to last at least 40 years, an irregular cleaning routine can chip away from its long lifespan.

DON’T Paint It Yourself

Vinyl siding comes in a wide variety of colors. If you decide to change the color of your current siding, painting it is a cost-effective way to maintain it. But before doing this, the entire surface of your vinyl siding must be thoroughly cleaned and coated with primer first. That is why it is highly recommended to call for the help of a professional exterior painter or siding installer. Not only do they have the proper skills, but they also have the right tools and enough experience for the task.

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The DO’s and DON’Ts of Vinyl Siding Maintenance

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