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Things to Remember About Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Storms and other kinds of severe weather can strike at any time, so you should be prepared. As the top metal roof company in our local area, we highly recommend reading and studying your homeowners insurance policy so that you’ll know what to do when the time comes to use it. In today’s article, we’ll explain the things you should know about your policy.

Your Homeowners Insurance Covers Certain Categories

A typical homeowners insurance policy covers the structure of your home, your personal property, detached units and your living expenses if you\’re displaced. The limit for personal property is usually a percentage of the insured amount of the dwelling. You can adjust the level of your coverage by talking with your insurance company. Understanding your policy’s coverage for living expenses is important because you can be displaced if a storm is strong enough to cause major damage to your home.

Flood Insurance Must Be Purchased Separately

As an experienced roofing contractor, you can rely on us to maintain and repair your roof so that leaks are not a problem. However, we can’t help you protect your home from flooding. Flooding is usually not covered by a standard homeowner\’s insurance policy so you need to purchase separate flood insurance if you believe that flooding is a concern. If your area is at all subject to flooding, then we believe that it’s better to be cautious and purchase insurance. Water damage can be very costly to fix otherwise.

It’s Important to Understand Your Policy’s Exclusions

Reading and understanding the exclusions section of your homeowner\’s insurance policy is important. We mentioned floods earlier, but earthquakes and damage from a sewer backup is typically not covered. More importantly, damage to your home because of lack of maintenance is not covered as well. You are responsible for the routine maintenance of your house.

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Things to Remember About Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

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