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Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement in Durham, NC

Over time, your roof deteriorates. This is due to harsh weather, such as extreme heat, hail, wind, snow, and more. While repairing your roof is the best way to keep it in good condition, you can’t repair it forever. At some point, you will need to replace your roof. When considering a roofing contractor, choose the best in the business. This will ensure you get the best service at the best price, and your roof will last many years. At Carolina Home Specialists, we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality commercial and residential roof replacements in Durham, NC.

Let us help you look after one of your greatest investments. If you are looking for a new roof, call Carolina Home Specialists or contact us online. We can handle all roof replacement services.

Signs You Need Roof Replacement

There are a few signs that will indicate the need for a new roof. It is important to hire a professional roofing contractor when thinking about replacing your roof. Taking shortcuts may lead to unnecessary repairs down the line. While most of these issues can be identified from the ground, some of the more serious signs can only be seen from the roof. This is especially true if you need a flat roof replacement. If you experience any of the following issues, give us a call immediately to inspect your roof. 

  • If you see mold, algae, or moss growing on your roof shingles, a roof replacement may be needed. 
  • If your shingles are cracked or curling, you may need to replace your roof. 
  • Your roof could also be at risk if you have broken or missing shingles. 
  • Your roof has dark stains or black streaks on it. 
  • If you have yellowish water stains on your ceiling, your roof may have a leak. 

Generally, roofs can protect your home for about 20 years. However, even the best materials on the market will eventually deteriorate due to wear and tear. If your roof is older than 20 years old, it might be a good idea to replace it before it causes more damage to the rest of your home.

The First Step To a Roof Replacement

Once we have inspected your roof and determined that it needs to be replaced, we will discuss the available options and provide expert advice on the way forward. We will discuss the different styles of roofing and roof replacement costs to ensure it meets your budget and aesthetic needs. 

In many cases, we will replace your roof with the same or similar materials as your previous roof. If we are not able to, we will provide you with the next best option. While many homeowners opt for asphalt shingles, Carolina Home Specialists only installs GAF roofing systems for asphalt shingles. This roofing solution comes with a lifetime limited warranty. 

Opting for a metal roof can also be beneficial. Metal roofing is becoming more popular due to its extensive lifespan and being more energy-efficient than traditional roofing materials. Whatever your choice is, we will provide you with the best roof replacement service and the highest-quality materials in Durham, NC. 

Replacing Your Roof

When your roofing materials are ready, we will schedule a day and time to begin. We will also consider weather conditions to ensure we work quickly and effectively without taking shortcuts. We will also ensure that all permits and insurance forms are in order before we start working. We take safety seriously and work accordingly.

When the Job Is Done

Once your roof has been successfully replaced, we will clean up your property and ensure all excess materials are removed. We will do a final walk-around to ensure your roof is correctly installed and discuss any essential details with you.

Maintaining Your Roof

Once your roof is installed and protects you and your home, it is essential to maintain it. This will ensure your roof will last for 20 years or more before needing to be replaced again. You should schedule an inspection 6-12 months after the initial installation to ensure your roof is still in good condition. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to discuss them with us.

Roof Replacement in Durham, NC

If your roof shows signs that it needs some attention, you might get away with repairing it. However, if your roof is older than 20 years, a roof replacement may be a more efficient option. If you are looking for a professional roof replacement contractor, Carolina Home Specialists is here for you. 

Give your home the new roof it needs. For all your roofing replacement services, call Carolina Home Specialists or contact us online.

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