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Tips on Choosing the Perfect Fence For Your Yard

Building a new fence in your backyard adds beauty and value to your home. But there’s more to it than what meets the eye. If you factor in effective design and skillful installation, a fence will also provide long-term security and protection for your family and property. To help you achieve this, a professional fence and metal roof company shares some tips and tricks.

Determine the Function of Your Fence

Before you call a fence installer, it is important to determine the function of your new fence. Homeowners who want to keep toddlers and pets from walking out of their yards use fences like the traditional, white chain-link fence. If you want a privacy fence, you should opt for something that is solid and taller in height.

Face Your Fence to the Right Direction

The standard method of building a backyard fence, particularly for privacy, is letting the smooth and finished side of the fence face the neighbor or street. The side with rails and posts should be installed facing toward your home. In this way, according to a trusted fence and roofing contractor, your property will give a better impression to your neighbors and onlookers.

Think About Fence Materials

The classic American look of yard fencing usually entails a white picket fence. However, you need to carefully plan the maintenance it will require. For example, wood-based fences need to be stained or sealed occasionally. Plus, the material can warp or show rot over time. Vinyl is a low-maintenance material that many homeowners choose as an alternative to wood.

Picking the right fence for your home can transform your current garden landscaping into an outdoor sanctuary. If you need help with building, Carolina Home Specialists will be here to assist you! Our company offers a wide range of exterior remodeling services, as well as a free metal roof estimate, for residential homes in North Carolina. Call our team at (336) 740-9915 or fill out our contact form to start a conversation with one of our specialists.

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Tips on Choosing the Perfect Fence For Your Yard

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