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Tips on Preventing Storm Damage to Your Roof

Storms are the biggest threat to any home, especially the roof. Storm damage to roof systems tends to require the most expensive repairs, which is why it’s better to prevent damage altogether. Here are a few helpful tips on preventing storm damage to your home.

Securing the Shingles

Storms bring forth winds that can tear off parts of your roof, especially the shingles. Wind damage often happens around the edges of the roof, where the first row of shingles have gaps where wind can get under. To prevent wind damage, reinforce the front row with adhesive and make sure the shingles are secured by the right number of nails securing them.

Re-seal Flashing

The roof’s flashing provides water protection over areas where regular shingles can’t form a proper barrier. However, constant temperature changes and constant wear and tear can cause flashing strips to get warped, creating small gaps where water can seep through. According to roof replacement experts, checking the flashing for signs of damage and re-sealing them will ensure total protection from the rain when the next storm comes.

Trim the Greens

A common cause of storm damage on roofing systems is the impact damage caused by falling tree branches. Furthermore, winds falling on the roof surface tend to end up in the gutter, causing a blockage that leads to moisture damage. It’s best to have any overhanging trees trimmed to greatly reduce the risk of impact damage.

Consult a Certified Contractor

Keeping a roof well-maintained in preparation for storms is difficult without help from an expert. This is why you should get in touch with a certified local roofer to make sure you have all your bases covered. Whether it’s looking for early signs of roof failure to updating old components, having it done by local roofers will guarantee the best results.

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Tips on Preventing Storm Damage to Your Roof

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