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Why is Your Roofing Boot Important?

Out of all the components of your roofing system, the roof boot seems to be the last thing to come to mind. Nevertheless, roof boots are crucial and contribute to the optimal performance of roofs everywhere. But what purpose does the roof boot serve?

Why Is Your Roofing Boot Important?

In this article, metal roof company Carolina Home Specialists sheds light on the main functions of a roof boot and emphasizes its importance.

What’s a Roof Boot?

Your roofing system is comprised of different parts that all work together to keep you safe and protected from the elements. Prominent components such as the sheathing and trusses are important, but lesser-known components such as roof boots are also vital. To get a clear picture of what the roof boot is and what it does, you should first familiarize yourself with the workings of your plumbing system.

Basically, your home has pipe vents that run through your plumbing system (including your kitchen and bathroom) and juts out of your roof. These vents let air in, using the pressure from the air intake to push wastewater out of your home’s plumbing into the sewers. Roof boots cover these pipes. It’s crucial that your roofing contractor installs your roof boot properly. Otherwise, you risk letting water inside the pipe vents, and ultimately, your home.

Why Are Roof Boots Important?

When your roof contracts and expands due to temperature changes, your roof boot should stay intact, as roof boots keep water away from your home’s components. Poorly installed or low-quality roof boots don’t stand a chance against water intrusion, in turn jeopardizing your entire home. If left unchecked,  Issues like leaks and stains on the ceiling will worsen until they compromise the integrity of your home’s structure. If you’re looking for a roofer that won’t cut corners when installing your roof, look no further than Carolina Home Specialists. Call us today at (336) 740-9915 for a free quote or metal roof estimate.

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Why is Your Roofing Boot Important?

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