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Roofing Services in Elon, North Carolina

If you own a home in Elon, NC, you know that one of your most important tasks is keeping up the exterior of your home. When you keep your roof, siding, windows, and gutters in good repair, your home is attractive, energy efficient, and ready for any weather. 

Of course, we know that finding the right contractor can be challenging. If you’ve been searching for roofers near me, you are in the right place. We offer roofing installation, repair, and other exterior remodeling services.

Roof Replacement

As a general rule, roofs need replacing every 20 years. However, that can change if the roof has been poorly maintained or damaged by extreme weather. When we send our team members to homes in and around Durham, NC. Our roofing inspectors look for the following:

  • Missing or broken shingles
  • Water damage to interior walls and ceilings
  • Mold, mildew, and moss on shingles
  • Dampness or wet odors in attics
  • Soft or rotting roof decking
  • Broken vents or skylights

If any combination of these symptoms is present, it’s time for a new roof. That includes removing your old roof, replacing any underlying wood in poor condition, and installing a new roof. We’ll also replace any vents or other components as needed. We will work with you to select suitable materials and can even help with financing.

While shingles are the most popular, we’re proud to offer many other options.

Metal Roofing

A metal roof is attractive and durable. When installed correctly, it could be the last roof you ever own. If you would like to replace your existing roof with a new metal roof, we can help you. Our roofers have undergone extensive training in installing metal roof solutions.

Rubber Roofing

If your home has a flat or low slope, a rubber roof may be the best option for you. Rubber roofing is waterproof, attractive, and easy to install. It’s also an energy-efficient option that can save homeowners money on their utility bills.

Roof Repair

In some cases, it is possible to repair your roof instead of replacing it. We are happy to send an inspector to your home to check the condition of your roof. They will let you know if roof repair is an option and what we need to do to restore your home to its previous state. This solution can help you save money and stop minor issues from becoming major problems.

Storm Damage Roof Repair

When wind, rain, hail, or other severe storms hit, your roof can take the brunt of the damage. We can help if that happens to you. Every time there is severe weather, we are ready with inspectors from Greensboro, NC, to Durham, NC, and everywhere in between. That means you, Elon, NC! 

Give us a call, and our inspector will come to your home to inspect your roof for damage. We can arrange to have any repairs completed that same day. No worries, we have insurance repair experience.

Window Replacement for Elon, NC, Homeowners

Old, dated windows are drafty and unattractive. They lead to higher utility bills and take away from your home’s curb appeal. When you replace those old windows with new, energy-efficient ones, you immediately update the look of your entire home. In addition to that, you’ll save money on cooling bills, and your AC unit won’t have to work as hard.

Vinyl Siding Repair and Installation

Vinyl siding is a popular choice for many reasons. It is a reasonably inexpensive, durable, and weather-resistant choice. Siding contractors can install or repair vinyl siding easily, and it comes in a variety of colors. In fact, we are proud to sell Norandex siding that comes in more than 40 colors and 11 different styles.

Quality Gutter Installation

When customers complain of damage to their roof or siding, we often find that the culprit is missing or broken gutters. Leaky, damaged gutters can cause water to seep behind siding and under shingles. When gutters are missing altogether, water cannot drain safely away from your home as it should. As a result, it will pool and puddle. It may even seep into the ground, causing foundation damage.

That’s a lot of preventable damage. Fortunately, Caroline Home Specialists offers gutter installation and repair. We will fix any damage caused by missing gutters, then install the perfect gutter solution for your home.

Custom Decks

When you have a deck builder install a quality, custom deck, you get an outdoor living and entertaining space that lasts for years. Let us help you bring your idea to life as we help you with design, materials selection, and deck construction.

Professional Fencing Installation

A fence adds safety, privacy, and beauty to the outside of your home. Your custom fence can create a place for children and pets to play and for you to enjoy your time outside in peace. If you are interested in a new fence for your home, we offer a free consultation with our design team.

Do you need a new roof or another exterior remodeling? Carolina Home Specialists is your top choice for Climax, NC home repair. Call us today to set an appointment.

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