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Roofing Services in Magnum, North Carolina

The roof of a residence protects the structure, its contents, and any occupants. Any defect in the roof can have disastrous consequences. Protect the structure, occupants, and assets with the help of Carolina Home Services. 

The team of experienced roofers provides a range of services. Whether the owner needs a new roof installed or requires storm damage roof repair, they can help. They work with shingles, metal, and flat roofs to meet the needs of all. 

In addition, the team completes window installations and repairs, outdoor fencing, siding and gutter installation, and more. The goal is to be the only local roofing company an owner needs to call when they require work on the exterior of a structure. 

Roof replacements and installations involve removing any existing roofing materials and starting from scratch. This ensures the roof adds to the curb appeal of the property, lasts for decades, and thoroughly protects the building and its contents. 

Replace the roof when it is aging and isn’t protecting the structure and its contents. A new roof may also be required when the existing roof has suffered extensive damage or has a leak. 

Roofing Contractors and Professionals

Following a storm, many people go door-to-door offering roofing services. Never work with one of these individuals or the companies they claim to represent. Work with a Mangum, NC roofer for quality work and a valid warranty. 

Local roofers will be there in the future when the roof needs an inspection or repair. When the roof needs warranty work, they will be ready to help. 

This isn’t the case with most traveling roofers. A property owner might have a problem with their roof and nowhere to turn for help. This isn’t an issue when the homeowner selects a local roofing provider. 

Roof Repair

At times, a repair will restore the integrity of the roof and protect the structure and its contents. Many things lead to damage to the roof. Regardless of the source, experienced roofers can help. 

Heat and rain take their toll on a roof, and falling limbs can do damage. Animals often choose to explore this component, and high winds can remove shingles. With many potential sources of damage, homeowners must remain vigilant. 

Have the roof inspected twice yearly to find this damage early. Doing so keeps repair costs down. In addition, prompt attention helps to reduce the need for a roof replacement. 

Storm Damage Roof Repair

Severe weather is a common cause of roof damage. Hail, wind, and hurricanes are three sources of storm damage that may lead to the need for roof repair. Fortunately, insurance companies often cover this type of damage, so have the roof inspected right away. 

A failure to do so could lead to water damage in the home. This damage is costly to repair. Call immediately following a storm for this inspection, and have peace of mind knowing the roof is in good shape and will protect the home and its occupants. 

Roofing Options

Homeowners have several options when the time comes to install or replace a roof. They may choose from shingles, metal roofs, and flat roof options. 

Asphalt shingles remain the most popular choice today. Homeowners have many options for these shingles, including designer versions. 

Metal roofs are increasing in popularity. Homeowners should also consider this option, as these roofs last for decades. 

However, a Winston-Salem roofing company may recommend other options for a flat roof. This might include built-up roofing or modified bitumen systems. Ask why they recommend one product over another. 

Carolina Home Services offers a range of services to meet the needs of others. When speaking to the team about a new roof, ask about the following services. 

Window Installation, Repair & Replacement

New windows add value to the home while providing it with an updated look. These windows increase the energy efficiency of the home and reduce the load on the HVAC system. In addition, they increase the comfort of the home’s occupants.

Outdoor Fencing

A fence delineates the boundaries of a property. It ensures unwanted intruders don’t make their way into the yard, and it keeps children and pets contained. Furthermore, it provides residents of the home with more privacy. With many fencing options offered today, homeowners will find the perfect one for their needs. 

Siding Installation

Siding beautifies the home while protecting it from damage. The siding safeguards the structure from wood rot, pest infections, and more. Talk with Carolina Home Services about the many siding options today to determine which is right for the home. 

Gutter Installation

The home needs a functioning gutter system to remove water from the roof. The gutters prevent the water from damaging the foundation, landscaping, and more. Have the gutters inspected along with the roof to ensure they continue to do this job. 

Deck Building

People love to spend time outdoors. A deck allows them to do so in comfort. Add a deck to the home to increase the living space and provide a spot for friends and family to gather. 

Homeowners often need help to visualize updates to their home. With the use of the professional home advisory service and visualizer tool, doing so has never been easier. 

Reach out today to discuss planned home improvement projects and use these tools to visualize the finished product. Those who do so find they cannot wait to start on their next major project, as they know the home will look amazing when it is done. 

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